Genealogical Records Analysis

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Dagg Families of Ireland

Massive records database for Dagg settlement, mainly in Tipperary / Offaly / Wicklow / Carlow / Cork / Dublin. Includes family groupings, family trees, and studies on Dagg emigration to Canada, Australia and the U.S.

Callaghan Families of Tyendinaga Township

Large scale, One-name family research project, including Callaghan and related families who settled in Tyendinaga Township and surrounding areas. Includes family origin studies, Geographic migration patterns, and family descendancies.

Sawyer Families - Eastern Townships of Quebec

Extensive One-name research project on the various Sawyer families who settled in the Eastern Townships of Quebec mainly after the American Revolutionary War. Includes family trees on Sawyer families living in Dunham, Stanbridge, Yamaska, Clarenceville, Eaton (Sawyerville), Trois-Riviere (Mauricie), St. Remi, and Huntingdon.

St. Oswald’s Cemetery Records – Port Kells, B.C.

A not-for-profit cemetery records analysis. Historical St. Oswald’s Anglican Church, built in 1911, had missing or incomplete cemetery burial records. This two-year research project relied upon a massive analysis of church, headstone and external supporting records. Some 33 ‘missing burials’ were ultimately identified, six new headstones erected, three W.W.I veterans were given an honourary burial by the Royal Canadian Legion, and the church was able to move forward with an updated, verified cemetery layout record.

Cullen Family of Tynagh, Co. Galway

Small scale, ongoing personal family research project. One of the oldest of Irish bloodlines, as confirmed by modern DNA testing, the Cullen family of Tynagh presents a genealogical challenge all too familiar for those of us researching Irish Catholic families in Ireland. Prior to 1800, most records have simply evaporated. This is a personal family project, in its beginning stages, currently touching on the Cullen, Brehony, Conroy and Cloonan families. Viewing by password only – contact Administrator.

Carruthers/French/Steele Family History

Small scale, personal family research project. The Carruthers family emigrated from Dumfriesshire, in Scotland, to Kent County, in New Brunswick. This project follows the line to Kerrobert, Saskatchewan and later to Emo, Ontario, and touches on the background of the Steele and French families who intermarried into this Carruthers line. Viewing by password only – contact Administrator.